Galaxy Gal – 29 November 2016

More photos of this look can be found in the gallery located on the home page.

This look is dedicated to a friend of mine, Marie Culp. I was working really hard at university and Marie had been posting a lot of really wonderful, supportive things on Facebook and Instagram, so I wanted to show, somehow, that I appreciated her support, even if it wasn’t meant specifically for me. Looking through a lot of her posts, I noticed that Marie was very interested in space, astrology, aliens, crystals, etc. I had seen a lot of galaxy make-up looks on Instagram and Pinterest, so I decided to give it a try and if something came out of it, I would dedicate it publicly to Marie. Luckily, my experimentation with a new kind of make-up wasn’t half bad.

I used tape on my forehead to create a nice, clean line from my natural skin tone to the periwinkle color on most of my face. I blended the periwinkle color (this is actually a mixture of the blue color from the original Halloween pack from Wal-Mart and some purple paste from another Halloween pack that my mother sent to me in the mail) with my Beauty Blender. I did some exaggerated wings using black eyeliner, but I skipped mascara because I wanted the focus to be elsewhere. Using stencils from the Halloween packs that my mother sent to me, I used the white paste to create the patterns on my neck (the moon is kind of hard to see, sorry). I also used the white paste for the stars and lines on my face; I suggest going over the white details twice since they don’t always show up so well. I covered my brows in the same purple paste that I used for my lips and for part of the mid-section of my face. I also used the diamond-like pieces from the Sparkle Kit that I bought from Wal-Mart to add more interest to the piece.

Good luck,



Author: kaitlinellsworth

My name is Kaitlin Ellsworth. I am a Washington State University senior, currently working on my Bachelor's in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I graduated from Tahoma Senior High School with both my diploma and my Associate's degree.

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