Halloween Warrior – 4 October 2016

More photos of this look can be found in the gallery located on the home page.

I tried to go a little outside the box for this make-up look. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I think the lines on my neck and collarbone area are a pretty neat touch and add a lot to the look. I didn’t continue the green onto my neck so that I could use it for another look if I wanted to. I wanted to use another color from the Halloween pack that I bought at Wal-Mart, so I covered my entire face with green except for around my eyes, but some of the black overlapped with the green. I gave myself a spiky crown of sorts at the hairline, but next time, I’d like to carry it farther into the hairline or maybe even go into my hair because you can still see bits of my scalp. I used the black color swatch from the same pack that the green was from for around my eyes. Using the end of a small brush, I dipped it into the black swatch that I used around my eyes to make the dots around my eyes. The purple color on my lips was a mixture of a purple eyeshadow and an under-eye highlighter paste from my Profusion kit. For my nose, I used the same black liquid eyeliner from the very first look I did (Jester).

Good luck,



Author: kaitlinellsworth

My name is Kaitlin Ellsworth. I am a Washington State University senior, currently working on my Bachelor's in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I graduated from Tahoma Senior High School with both my diploma and my Associate's degree.

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