Crimson and Gold Jester – 15 October 2016

More photos of this look can be found in the gallery located on the home page.

I’m really pleased with this look. I was having a really hard time during university and being away from my family and friends, so I decided to do a piece that would express school pride. I wanted to show that even though I was having a tough time with being away from a lot of the people that I feel really close to, I was still very proud to be a Washington State Cougar. I started with the make-up that I had been wearing that day and just added onto it; it would be silly to start all over and waste products. I applied a lot of the golden glitter from the Hera look onto my eyelids, applied more eyeliner to make my eyes more dramatic, and applied the red-crayon tool from the Halloween pack to line my bottom lashes. I used the golden glitter that I used on my eyelids on my lips as well, then lined my lips with the red-crayon tool. I did swirl designs on the side of my forehead, the side of my cheek, and the side of my chin to add more character. I used the star-shaped glitter from the glitter pack underneath my eyes. After I finished all of that, I still felt like the design was missing something, so I decided to create a neck piece that extended from the middle of my chest up to my chin. I used the dark red and light red colors from my Injury pack to do this. Honestly, I sort of rushed through the neck piece because it was late and I had early classes in the morning, so I think if I were to go back and do this piece again, I would measure the neck piece more carefully and do two coats of the color. As always, finished with a coat of mascara and setting spray.

Good luck,



Author: kaitlinellsworth

My name is Kaitlin Ellsworth. I am a Washington State University senior, currently working on my Bachelor's in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I graduated from Tahoma Senior High School with both my diploma and my Associate's degree.

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