My First Attempt – 29 September 2016

More photos of this look can be found in the gallery located on the home page.

For my first attempt at Halloween make-up, I decided to go for something that seemed very popular at the time: jesters. Working entirely with Wal-Mart products, I wasn’t entirely sure that anything exciting was going to come out of it. However, I was very surprised/inspired by the good reaction that I received from friends and family over Facebook. For the circle, I used a black eyeliner pencil and blended it with a bit of the red crayon-like tool in the Halloween make-up pack I bought. Inside the circle, I did a very natural make-up look for me. I love wearing black eyeliner a lot of the time, but it’s not necessary. Stick with lighter eyeshadows and less dramatic eyeliner to create more contrast. Using a grey or white paste, I covered the rest of my face and did harsh contouring on my nose and cheekbones to make my face look more angular. On my nose, I used liquid black liner to make the shape (the eyeliner I used had a very long brush, so it didn’t turn out quite the way that I had hoped. I used this liquid eyeliner for my mouth as well. First, I applied a red lipstick to the middle section of my lips and blended the black eyeliner lines that extend onto my cheeks with the eyeliner pencil I used for the circle around my eye. For the tear drops, I actually stuck the liquid eyeliner into my eye and let my eye flush them out partially to make the tears look more natural. For the drops near my mouth, I used a blood capsule (tastes horrible) and just let a little drip onto my chin. You don’t want to do too much from the mouth or it’ll cover your hard work.

Good luck,



Author: kaitlinellsworth

My name is Kaitlin Ellsworth. I am a Washington State University senior, currently working on my Bachelor's in English with an emphasis in creative writing. I graduated from Tahoma Senior High School with both my diploma and my Associate's degree.

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